Letter to Referees

Hello and Welcome to all Pacific Water Polo Referees,

My name is Simone La Pay, and I have been appointed by Jim Cullingham to be the Pacific Zone’s ODP referee representative.

Along with the appointment, the Pacific Water Polo Referees are in the process of re-organizing. With the help and leadership provided by Andrew Morris, Chair of the Pacific Water Polo, we now have a new referee advisory board. The members of this board are: Jeff Roy, Brian Hodgens, Chris Lathrop, Rafael Alapont and Simone La Pay.

I attended the referee school and assembly last weekend. There are several important points I learned from this meeting:

1. All Zones are migrating to the new Arbiter Account hosted by USA Water Polo
2. During this transition, certifications and rankings will be grandfathered
3. Pay Scale will be re-formatted
4. Certifications standards have changed
5. USAWPRA will communicate rules interpretations through Arbiter
6. You will submit all incidence reports through Arbiter

There are other details from the referee school I would like to share with you at a general membership meeting; the Pacific Water Polo Advisory board is in the process of choosing a general meeting date.

In the mean time, please visit the USAWPRA website/arbiter at . We will be migrating to this account to assign all USWP sanctioned events. If you are not marked as ready to be assigned there, we can't use you. Also, please read the rules interpretations. They are hot off the press and you need to apply them: They are on the front page of the USAWPRA website; click on the rules interpretations tab. Please keep checking for announcements and for the date of the general meeting.

Finally those of you that are also coaches, please ask your 16 and up players if they would like to learn how to referee. I am hoping to get at least 15 new referees to train during Spring League. By doing so, our certification hours for mentoring will be met and we will have enough referees for summer.

I know many of you will have lots of questions following this email. I ask that you write them down and bring them to the general meeting.

Thank You,
Simone La Pay
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